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METAL PIECHOWICE Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. was established in 1992 and is now a leading manufacturer of wooden collars in Poland and the region. The professional team and many years of experience in manufacturing empower us with the capacity to provide high-quality collars at competitive prices.
We excel in flexibility of delivery, providing our customers with collars in batches of all sizes, from very small to large. We can deliver every order, irrespective of its volume.
At our company, each manufacturing process from the project origin to the finished product is carefully inspected by Quality Control to ensure that every product from us meets the most stringent quality specifications.
Our product are currently exported to EU destinations. Year by year, we are expanding our manufacturing capacities and growing in the production output, which finds customers in Poland and abroad.
All wooden products sold to export destinations are treated in compliance with ISPM15 and stamped with the IPPC mark.
Our packaging solutions can ensure the safety and reliability of various goods.
Our packaging solutions help customers optimise packaging, transportation and storage costs.
Thanks to our production capacity, we always ensure timely delivery of the highest quality products.
We guarantee timely delivery of the quantities required by the customer to any part of the world.
We comply with rules based on environmental protection.
00 48 607 243 531



Pakoszowska 1a
58-573 Piechowice Polska

Telephone : + 48 607 24 35 31
Telephone : + 48 75 75 48 140
Email : info@nadstawkidopalet.com

50.8570613, 15.6229806

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You can send us an enquiry regarding the quantity of products you are interested in and we will prepare a cost estimate based on the parameters and information about the demand.
00 48 607 243 531
00 48 607 243 531