Collars in production

Nowadays, packaging is an element without which production processes cannot be efficiently carried out. Physical flows of materials, goods and products shall be subject to the packaging used.
The use of systems with more durable and convenient packaging is economically beneficial for every company. In the era of compliance with EU regulations, they also gain an advantage in ecological terms. The idea behind wooden packaging systems is that they can be reused many times – even after the packaging is worn out or damaged, it can be regenerated or undergo material recycling processes.

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Collars in transport

The transport functions are closely related to the flows of goods, the optimisation of which is the primary objective of logistics. The following factors are of particular importance in this case: the relationship between the weight of the packaged goods and the weight of the packaging itself, as well as the dimensions and shapes of the packaging, which involves optimum use of the load capacity of the means of transport.
Wooden collars are one of the most universal protections for various types of goods, ranging from food products to mechanical equipment. They are keenly used due to the ease of adjusting the size to the dimensions of the cargo and, above all, due to high resistance to loads and damage caused by external factors. They are suitable not only for various types of transport, but also for the storage process.
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Collars in gardening

Do you want to achieve an aesthetically coherent space in your garden and you are looking for comprehensive solutions to achieve your goal?
We offer you sets of pallet collars that can be used in the garden and are available in different configurations. This gives you the opportunity to create an arrangement that best suits your personal preferences and the space available. The arrangement does not have to be permanent. You can change it as you like!

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Collars in exposition

The display of goods has to serve as an incentive. There is nothing worse than chaos inside the shop.
It can happen easily when the It can happen easily when the goods are displayed in an incompetent and haphazard manner. The lack of plan regarding the display of goods has a disastrous effect on all industry sectors. Properly displayed goods make the interior appear tidy and ensure that all products are easy to find.
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Our packaging solutions can ensure the safety and reliability of various goods.
Our packaging solutions help customers optimise packaging, transportation and storage costs.
Thanks to our production capacity, we always ensure timely delivery of the highest quality products.
We guarantee timely delivery of the quantities required by the customer to any part of the world.
We comply with rules based on environmental protection.
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